Apple House Realty - Voted Rowan County's 2011 Small Business of the Year!

Here's what some of our clients have to say about working with Apple House Realty:

I wish to express my thanks to Tamas for his assistance in the purchase of my house in Salisbury. I have nothing but praise and thanks for his professionalism, his helpful attitude, his listening skills and his consistent timely follow-up. I count myself fortunate for having been contacted by Tamas the next day after I visited your website"
D. Collins
Our family has had a piece of property that has been available for sale since 1973. I have actively had it on the market since 2013 with no interest whatsoever. In August of 2017 I visited with Mr. Jeff Ketner at Apple House Realty to discuss listing it with his company. He took the time to listen and made suggestions on how best to pursue getting it sold. He suggested dividing it into three parcels instead of one large parcel. By mid September 2017 we had a contract on the first parcel. It has now sold and we have a closing set for early 2018 on another parcel. Never in the past forty-four years would I have dreamed it was possible. I have never known or been involved with another company where the entire staff went above and beyond in an effort to look after my best interest. Their patience and consideration and desire to explain every step of the way has been beyond measure. My entire family will forever be grateful for the part you have played in getting this property sold. Thank you."
Kay Smith
Why did you choose Apple House Realty? "Ketner's Services has done my yard for years. He spoke very highly of Apple House Realty." How do you feel we helped you the most? "Sending me an email about the possibility of selling this year. I had not planned on listing my house again after no offers in the past."
Olivia Tate
Regarding the buying/selling process, "Response time was outstanding on every item.” "Apple House Realty definitely goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure their clients are well taken care of during a buy or sell"
Greg Honeycutt
Why did you choose Apple House Realty, Inc. to assist you with the selling process? " Cathy has had a long time friendship with our daughter. Since we were out of state, we wanted our daughter to be a point of contact. The Ketner family is well known and respected in the community.” How do you feel we helped you the most? "Precise knowledge about their business. Contacts to help have work performed. Going to great lengths to arrange and monitor the completion of repairs." "Sometimes in life you get a chance to make a difference to another's. While certainly we didn't plan to leave Salisbury, we would like to let you know how you both affected our lives. My mother, who is ill, is requiring constant care and is in turn requiring us to be close by. That alone is a stressful situation. Buying and selling a home is also a stressful experience. Jeffrey, you and Cathy took so much of the burden away from the sale of our home by your clear communication, the willingness to share your expertise and knowledge of the business you represent. From the initial taking outstanding photographs to attending the closing for us in our absence, there was a great peace of mind that we had a trustworthy and honest professional on our side looking out for our interests. Our being out of state made us a target for shoddy repair work, out of control costs for repairs and other general abuses stemming from dishonest business practices. You protected us from all of these situations by your recommendations of contractors, to arranging times, supervising their work<, communicating with the buyers' agent, taking water samples for testing and a host of other tasks that you completed. It certainly does differentiate you from the rest of the pack! We hear there are no friends in business all the time. We both so appreciate your friendship we've enjoyed over the years and now we can say that professionally as well! Thank you from the bottom of our heart for all you did for us!"/font>
Bobby and Kim Austin
“The main reason we choose Apple House Realty, Inc. was Apple House doesn't dual represent the buyer and the seller. I really liked that. I didn't want my realtor representing both on the same purchase. Jeff was very helpful letting us know what we needed to do to get our house ready to go on the market and I really appreciated that. Working with Jeff was a great pleasure. We really liked how he was willing to come in and make recommendations to get our house ready to go on the market. He kept us updated and was very helpful in all steps to selling our home.”
Angie Taylor Wood and Kevin Dale Wood
“We value honesty, reliability and trust, which we have found in our relationships with Apple House Realty and, our Realtor, Jeff Ketner. Reality in Realty—Apple House uses this method to sell your house—and sometimes the truth hurts. If your goal is to sell or buy a home, you’ve come to the right place.”
Carrie & Keith Boss
“Apple House Realty did an excellent job of selling our home. We only wish we had listed it with them when we first put it on the market 2 ½ years ago. We would have sold it much sooner. We rate you 10+”
David & Karen Amick
“We would like to thank everyone at Apple House Realty for everything you did for us. You made our house looking & buying process seamless. We would definitely recommend you to others.”
Thomas & Melissa Meador
“After almost 2 years on the market, we turned to Apple House Realty. Their advertising techniques & use of technology immediately increased our showings. Also, their ability to provide accurate market data & stats eliminated the guesswork and allowed us to price our house appropriately. Apple House helped us create a plan, stick to it, and sell our home! Thanks, Jeff & Staff”
Josh & Susan Mills Meador
“Last year I was faced with the difficult task of selling my father’s & mother’s house in Salisbury after moving them down to Florida into assisted living. The market in the Salisbury market was not good and the most problematic issue was that I was over 500 miles away. I knew I needed a lot of help. Based on advice from Mom & Dad’s attorney I contacted Apple House Realty. It was a good decision. Since I was not nearby, what I needed most was someone I could trust-to look out for Mom & Dad’s interests. You certainly more than earned that trust. Your perseverance in the difficult market situation and keeping me appraised all along the way was greatly appreciated. I knew I could call you day or night when I had questions. Your advice was always thoughtful and right on target. Also, I very much appreciate your arranging for the house repairs needed for each inspection. This was simply not a task I could have handled from down here in Tallahassee. I would recommend Apple House Realty, without reservation, to anyone needing capable, personable, and trustworthy service in buying or selling a house.”
Phillip M. Coram Meador
“Thomas and I are extremely satisfied with the service we received from Apple House. We are glad that after looking at different agents, we chose Apple House based on the recommendation of a friend. In this market, an agency who can sell your house in 2 weeks without even having to come off the asking price, is a true testament that they are the BEST!! We have already recommended Apple House to many friends and will continue to do so.”
Sally & Thomas Simmerson Meador
“I felt like I was being advised by an honest person with only by best interest in mind – not the sale.”
Ginger Throckmorton
“We liked your marketing philosophy, the suggestions about what needed to be done to make our property ready to sell, and the showings you were able to generate. What was remarkable was that you had more showings in 2 and ½ months than we had in the prior 14 months with two prior realtors. We had suffered so many disappointments that it was a real thrill to finally get good news when you called and told us you had a full price offer for our house.”
John & Carol Addington
“On a scale of 1 low to 10 high we rate you a 10!You kept us informed and were always positive…the whole process was great!”
Carla & Erich Epps
“We chose Apple House Realty after our experience with an unsatisfactory effort and lack of success by two of the larger local firms. We were impressed with your insistence on staging the house to help with the sale and that you kept us abreast of all developments.”
Webster & Betsy Collett
“I would like to thank you for the excellent handling of my Mother’s real estate sale.I am congratulating myself for making a wise choice. Your attention to detail, honesty, and hard work are very much appreciated.”
Bonnie M Manus
“As I reflect on this season of thanksgiving, I realize that I need to express my gratitude to you and your staff for guiding and helping us through major events in our lives this year. We are truly grateful for all you did to help us purchase our new home and sell our former home. Your expertise, professionalism, and positive, aggressive attitude were most appreciated! Thank you, as well for being our friend! We continue to recommend you to all we have contact with.”
Jane Creech
“On a scale of 1-10, 10! I was impressed with your persistence in solving problems as they would arise and that my commercial building sold so quickly.”
Dr. Mark Brittain
“We would like to thank you and your staff for the professionalism shown to us while handling the sale of our house. Advertising mostly through the Internet allows more exposure of real estate property that leads to quicker sales. The “no stress” process for us was a pleasant experience because of the knowledge and nice people at Apple House Realty. We would recommend Apple House Realty to anyone wishing to have a great company sell their house.”
Joan & Paul Jones704-279-6543
“We were very pleased with the attention and understanding that Apple House Realty gave our selling and purchasing needs. They were very professional, while also providing the personal touch that made us comfortable and confident throughout. We would definitely use their services again and recommend them to others.” 
Jim & Lucinda Epperson704-633-8023
“After the 2008 housing market collapse and two-plus years listing with other agencies (with only one very weak offer), needed a change from the "same -old same-old" approach other agencies were using.  Followed up on a strong recommendation for Apple House as "the place to get your house sold."  House sold within four months and had two competing offers at the same time. Very straight forward and honest information; no wishy-washy dodging concerns or questions that often happens with other realtors.  The fact that Jeff does not function as a "double agent" was quite impressive from an ethics standpoint.  Jeff walked me through the process step-by-step and kept me grounded in reality.  That Apple House reaches online markets in both a large north/south direction (I77/I85 --Charlotte) from Salisbury and one just as large in an east/west direction (I40--Winston Salem) is more coverage than most other realty companies are offering.”
Dwaine Phifer704-278-4622
“Tough market conditions? Apple House is the Realtor you need.”
Brent & Laura Barker662-417-4546
“Apple House presented our home in a light which, despite the market, made it sparkle!! Communication was outstanding! I never felt I had to pull teeth to get information.”
Fran Schumacher 704-637-0340
“Thank you for all of your hard work and patience. Most people would have cut and run at the first sign of complications, but you stuck with it. Even when I was getting into a panic, you remained calm and continued moving forward. Thank you for everything.”
Angie Miller 704-279-2660
“Apple House provided us with an excellent team of professionals who were able to assist us throughout the process of selling our home. They gave us individual attention with good communication throughout the process.”
Dr. Mark Brittain704-633-7206
“Very clear upfront regarding expectations & potential difficulty in selling property. You were always thorough in all communications. Your attention to detail & quality is very evident.”
Tim Spyridon
“I came to Apple House because of their reputation. Cindi helped me stay on top of any problems. Top-notch service, attention to detail, always there to answer questions, very knowledgeable, and very helpful in the entire process.”
Sherrie Norris
“When I went to the office to meet with Cindi, I liked the way she expressed herself and I automatically felt as if I have known her for years. Cindi is a Realtor that handles her job well while making you feel comfortable while allowing you to find what you need to know and freely explains what she can patiently.”
Milas Wyatt
“Cindi helped the most by making suggestions for enhancing the curb-side appeal and making necessary up-keep suggestions inside our house. Cindi is great to work with. She is well motivated and a good motivator to help sell your property.”
Rajendra and Sally Daniel
“Cindi’s friendly and caring personality and her constant sharing of information with us. She kept us informed of the status of everything from the start to the final sale of my sister’s place. Thank you Cindi – you did a great job for us.”
Colleen Hoffner
“Cindi paid close attention to our responses to different houses. She heard what we wanted and focused her efforts on helping us find the perfect house for us. As we looked at houses, she did an excellent job of pointing out pluses and minuses without trying to influence our decision. We also greatly appreciated that she was an aggressive advocate for our interests during closing negotiations regarding seller repairs. Cindi Magana and Apple House Realty are simply outstanding. This was our fifth home-buying experience and was by far the best we have ever had, and we will recommend Cindi and Apple House to everyone we can.”
William and Faith Parsons
“Cindi helped us most by giving honest opinions and helpful insight throughout the process. She was very helpful and great to work with. Very personable and genuine which was greatly appreciated.”
Erica Postlewaite
“We chose Apple House Realty because of very good reviews. Cindi helped us the most by being in constant communication with us and answering all of our questions. Also by looking out for our best interests. Cindi is an excellent Realtor. She walked us through the whole process of selling our home. Buying and/or selling a home is very stressful and Cindi really helped to keep things moving along. Explaining everything really helped with the anxiety. We would not hesitate to work with Cindi again.”
Wayne and Lisa Richard